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SC issues interim order to protect citizens’ lives from pandemic

Kathmandu, May 11: The Supreme Court (SC) has issued an interim order in the name of the government to immediately put effective measures to protect the lives of citizens from COVID-19.

A single bench of Justice Bam Kumar Shrestha issued the order to make smooth supply of medicines and oxygen as well as immediately develop infrastructures including further equipped hospitals for the control of coronavirus.

The apex court order stated, “It needs to timely address the issues including taking necessary initiative towards operationalizing further equipped hospitals and make sure the smooth supply of drugs and oxygen necessary for the treatment of COVID-19 patients”.

The order further noted, “Also make sure the deployment of necessary human resources keeping in mind the flow of patients in the hospitals”.

The apex court has likewise directed the Ministry of Health and Population to form a working committee having representation from stakeholders directly concerning the lives of the citizens and have the effective measures implemented for the resolve of the pertinent problems.

It may be noted that advocate Shailendra Prasad Ambedkar had filed a writ petition at the apex court demanding mandamus order for the protection of citizens from the pandemic of coronavirus.

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