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Country moving in the path shown by Madan Bhandari and Jibraj Ashrit: PM Oli

May 17, Kathmandu: The 28th Madan Ashrit Memorial Day is being marked on Monday remembering the contribution of Communist ideologue Madan Bhandari and leader Jibraj Ashrit.

On Jestha 3, 28 years ago (2050 BS/1993 AD), stalwarts of Nepal’s Communist movement People’s leader Madan Bhandari and leader Jibraj Ashrit had been killed in a road accident in Dhasdhunga of Chitwan under mysterious circumstances. Since then the Communist parties of the country have been marking the day as Madan Ashrit Memorial Day

Madan Bhandari who was the General Secretary of CPN (UML) at the time is known for his political ideology “People’s Multiparty Democracy”, which had incorporated the basic elements of Marxism-Leninism with democratic norms such as separation of power, periodic elections, press freedom, and multiparty parliamentary system

Bhandari is known to have saved the Communist movement in the country at a time when the world Communist movement was in perils.

Issuing a statement on Monday, Prime Minister and Chairman of CPN (UML) KP Sharma Oli said the country was moving in the path shown by people’s leader Bhandari and Ashrit and the ideology, beliefs, and values they provided to the party would be pivotal for building a socialist and democratic society and country.



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