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Risk of Covid-19 high in Sarlahi as people negligent of prohibitory order

Sarlahi, May 18: Though the government has imposed prohibitory order after corona virus infection rate started increasing day by day, citizens are not seen serious towards it.

Risk of corona virus infection is high after people started spending their daily lives as before, neglecting the prohibitory order.

The District Administration Office, Sarlahi, has imposed prohibitory order for 10 days in the district. However, locals have been attending different functions like marriage and reception by violating the prohibitory order. The crowd of people in such functions are out of control. The bodies concerned have not paid any concern and attention towards it.

A reception party was organized recently on the road at Pipariya of Kabilasi municipality-2. Hundreds of people had attended the reception.

An ambulance driver Nagendra Sah complained that they have been facing problem to drive the essential vehicles during the marriage and reception time organized on the road.

Sah added, “Though the administration has directed not to gather more than 15 people in any social function, hundreds of people gather here violating administration’s directive.”

Chief District Officer Hemraj Tamang claimed that they have not left any stone unturned to get the prohibitory order followed.

He said, “There is lack of awareness among the people. But we are doing our best to get follow the prohibitory order. People in urban areas have been completely following the prohibitory order while there is problem in rural areas. The local levels should also be responsible in this regard.”

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