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‘HoR dissolution is aberration, hurdle in implementation of democracy, judicial system’

Kathmandu, May 26: The Constitution Watch Group (CWG) has said it has taken the topic of dissolution of the House of Representatives as the challenge existing in the implementation of the constitutional process, the parliamentary democracy and the judicial system.

It also termed the HoR dissolution as a serious aberration and obstruction in relation to the unthought of consequences.

CWG concluded that the House of Representatives, the lower house of the Federal Parliament, reinstated as per the the Supreme Court’s decision on February 23, was dissolved without any valid reasons even as various rounds of efforts were being made to form an alternative government under Article 76 (5) of the Constitution.

It is against the principle of the rule of law to adopt the strategic thinking to the extent of displacing the very rationale of the judicial decision when the implementation of the present constitution issued along with the durable parliament structure has reached a complicated turning, the CWG stated in a press release today, referring to the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

The Group has also drawn the attention of all that efforts to establish the rationality of carrying out functions from outside by diminishing the parliamentary role itself and by passing it instead of seeking acceptable solution to the legislative and constitutional questions through the constitutional role of the revived HoR will lead to the gradual decline in the rationale of the parliamentary election, the parliament and its relevance.

The CWG is headed by former Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha and includes former Chief Justice Sushila Karki, the General Election Observation Committee (GEOC) chairman Himalaya Shumsher JBR, Nepal Law Society president Tirtha Man Shakya, member of the then Constituent Assembly, Khimlal Devkota, Mohandas Manandhar and Dr John Verghese of the Neeti Foundation, Dean of Open University Dr Silu manandhar Bajracharya, Dean of Kathmandu University Dr Rishikesh Wagle, constitution expert Dr Bipin Adhikari, president of Nepal Bar Association Chandeshwor Shrestha and executive director of Nepal Law Society Krishna Man Pradhan, among others.

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